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Lyre Harp  is a wonderful, readily accessible and easy to play instrument.  I discovered a love for the diatonic lyre harp the minute I received mine. They are beautiful and can be fairly inexpensive depending on the type and model a person is interested in. Learning to play the lyre requires the same amount of focus, dedication, time and patience as any other instruments but is so rewarding that time gets away with you when you start practicing. 

Although lyres have been around for centuries, the resources on how to play lyres and music available are limited especially for the understated modern diatonic lyres. This is the reason I created our Facebook Group, "Learning the Lyre Harp." Just as quickly as the Facebook group got started, questions and requests for help started pouring in and so I decided to create a guide to help answer the many questions we are receiving on:

As you can imagine the 5-10 page guide that I thought would be good, started getting larger and larger.  The need to be able to share the resources I have collected in a much easier and self serve format led the creation of this site.  

Everything that you find here are things that I have collected, created or shared with me to share freely with others hoping to learn to play the lyre.  I am continually adding to these resources and have also used my personal YouTube account to host the tutorials and music videos to assist folks learning to play the lyre harp. I hope that  you enjoy these free resources and support the work by subscribing to our YouTube page to get message out to others,  by joining our beautiful community via Facebook Group, consider being a Patreon and by following us on Instagram.  All the relevant links are down below as well as on the "Get Connected" tab. 

I sincerely wish you all the best in your lyre harp musical journey. I am so glad that I am able to contribute to the joy of learning music by providing you with lyre harp songs and resources.

Wishing you all the best,

Sharon Brownell

P.S. Happy playing!

Have fun! Expand your horizon! Take up a new skills! Keep going!


This book is designed to accompany and help beginners with progressive songs to play and basic music theory simplified. Because of the many different types, sizes and method of playing available, I have kept everything generalized so it can be adapted for every instruments and not only lyres. The bonus video tutorials takes on the step by step finger placing and strengthening using the plucking method.  

By releasing both together I’m hoping that many more folks interested in starting to play an instrument will enjoy the process, feel empowered and supported even though they are learning on their own.

I hope that this overview will allow you to decide if this book and tutorial is right for you.

The printed book is available through Amazon. Search by title or my name. The digital download is available through buy me coffee or by subscribing and choosing the "Tutorial Tier" on Patreon

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In the works are series of video lessons with hand outs where applicable. Topics expanded in our virtual lyre harp meetups

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